Hey everyone

I’ve had to remind myself a few times in the last week of the subject of my last blog….Calm Surrender.  Because if I am being honest, I exercised nothing that looked like calm surrender at times.  I had a total shit fit on my entire family mid last week.  And actually, it’s ok.  I also had to calmly surrender to that because feelings must get out.  I cried a lot.  Felt good.

I wanted to just quickly write down some feelings, some thoughts of other women in my circle of how people are doing right now, what words are describing our current moods and thoughts.  So here they are, just in list format.  Maybe they resonate with you and help to allow your own feelings.

  • Focus on what you can control
  • Financial impacts
  • Getting to do housework and garden work and just getting stuck in
  • Blocked, like this is out of my control
  • The universe is bringing us things that we may not have looked at in a long time
  • I have constant interruptions.  I like my own space and I don’t have it now.
  • It’s nice to be there for my kids, they’re helping around the house a lot.
  • Light, excitement, motion
  • Something about the old has to die to allow for the new to come in, which feels exciting
  • Overwhelm, surrender and acceptance
  • My husband is at home more than he has been in ages
  • Everyone eats and then by the time you’ve cleaned up, it’s like they want to eat again
  • Unorganised, unfocused
  • Openness and acceptance of what is
  • Just let things flow the way they were meant to flow, even if we don’t know what that is, we don’t know the whys
  • Allowing things to fall apart
  • I’m feeling one thing the one minute and something completely different the next
  • Ready
  • Stressed out
This is really the unknown for us, but I do believe the world needs a shake up.
All the love