Vulnerable.  Let’s be vulnerable.

Right, news flash here – what you do with your life right now, has impact on other people now and in the future.   Shew, but this is a big topic (bigger than this one blog post).  It’s a topic on how we raise our children, how we educate our children, how we deal with our hurts and perhaps our own upbringings and our fears and what’s real and what isn’t real.

A few things have happened.  A dear friend lost a parent.  I’ve been listening to the book “the subtle art of not giving a f***.  My kids started a new alternative school.  I watched “the magic pill”.  And a bunch of other things. And I dropped a pot plant in our pool this morning.  See picture above.

The pot plant episode got me thinking (besides that my husband is NOT going to be impressed).  There are pieces of the plant on the bottom of the pool, there was sand that swished around and settled to the bottom, and there were floaty pieces on the top that I could scoop out with the net.

Isn’t this how trauma and hurts appear in our lives?  Someone (or life) throws something at you.   There’s a lot of swirling and murky stuff until it settles.  Then there are some pieces that float and are “easily” dealt with, and then there are parts of the plant that are there amongst the dirt.  But to get that sand out of the bottom of the pool, I have to actually do some manual work with the sucking machine job, whilst also saving that piece of plant that is still alive and will continue to grow once it is in a less hostile environment (a chemical pool).

Isn’t life magic, that we can draw these comparisons?  Always try look for the magic.

Getting back to the newsflash – if you don’t deal with the sand at the bottom of your pool, it will affect others in your life at some point.  And we have to ask ourselves, is this fair?  Wouldn’t you rather be a little vulnerable and deal with the sand with the help of your loved ones now, rather than have nervous breakdowns or die with regrets or leave other people in charge of cleaning up your messes when you physically or emotionally just can’t?

Whilst social media puts the pressure on us to be perfect moms, good husbands, have that bikini body, have the child that sleeps through the night, there are also those posts that say “My home is always open to anyone that needs to talk”.  Be vulnerable if you need that shoulder. People WANT to help, and sharing and community are powerful comforts in a disconnected world.  I can guarantee you that whatever you are going through, someone else has ALSO been through that shit.

A few days after my sister in England received her doTERRA oils, she sent me a picture of her diffuser going in the lounge.  I asked her what blend she had in there.  She answered that she had Deep Blue in.  I was like “Ooook, interesting choice”.  I would never have thought to put Deep Blue in my diffuser, so I googled it.   I should first explain, Deep Blue is a soothing blend for muscles, muscular pain and strain, growing pains, that kind of thing.   My google search returned that Deep Blue can actually aid in releasing suppressed emotions.  The emotions associated with Deep Blue are strength, accepting difficulties, overcoming avoidance, soothed, serene and embracing our inner self.  Fascinating stuff. More here.

Off you go people, go deal with your sand if you have any.  I can come help with a sucking machine job if needed – metaphorically.

Love you all